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It has been a wile since I posted anything. Might as well write something now.


After having thought about what kind of story that I would like to create after finishing the backstory of Johannes Svartsvard (The Draugr Project), I began to ponder on different ideas. After thinking it through, I decided on a crossover story that I think might work well enough. I have begun to plan different plot points, characters, events and whatnot, but I am far from done. I have only scratched the surface of the story that I have in mind.

But to give you a tiny preview of what I have in store, I will give a small list of characters that I have thought about putting into the story if given permission:


Johannes Svartsvard by :iconsorantheman:

Syranon Glaed and Ryo from "Heartcore" by :icontlwelker:, :iconfreedomknight:

Sorrow from "Deet" by :iconshitforbrainschan:

Lizzy Strong by :iconninja-8004:

EDIT: It is in the works. Enjoy "Deadgold Arena!"


Gallery's you should watch instead of mine:
:iconlinkerluis: Funny guy with some nice art and good friend of mine.
:iconfreedomknight: Got some preety nice artwork.
:icontlwelker: Great comic artist.
:icongenzoman: Damn good artist. Nuff said.
:icongiye: Just search for his pic of Odin and you will understand!
:iconkaijusamurai: If you love giant mosters from movies then you will like this man!
:iconel-grimlock: Almost as awesome as Genzoman.
:iconbalaa: This artist is downright amazing at drawing animals. Her art is some of the best on the site and is a must-see on DA.
:iconrandommode: A nice guy and he also got some nice art in his gallery.
:iconninja-8004: Ninjas, ponies and ladies is this guys main expertise. If you're into that kind of stuff ( I am :D ) then you should give his gallery a good look.
:iconshitforbrainschan: He has a strange and yet cute artstyle. Worth a look or two.

Current Residence: Sweden.

You can also find me on Twitter:

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:iconninja-8004: :iconrandommode: :icontlwelker: :iconlinkerluis:


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LinkerLuis Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015   Digital Artist
Hey Soran, I got a question. Do you still spent time glancing trough tv tropes as before? XD I got curious because until recently I got hooked by some of the topics :rolf:
Sorantheman Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015
Every now and then, yes.
Kind of a fun site.
LinkerLuis Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015   Digital Artist
So what would you say it's your main hobby now? Certain youtube channel or a videogame in particular? :o
Sorantheman Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015
I've been playing lots of DOTA 2 latley.
As well as Broforce.
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RoseGoldGleam Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the points! \OvO/~:heart:
Sorantheman Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015
No problem. You needed them more than me.
Sorantheman Featured By Owner Edited Apr 15, 2015
A responce to the following mental turd:…

1. Just because the comment is old, doesn't mean I can't comment on it considering that I just discovered it. And considering how your viewpoints has not changed since you made that comment, it only makes it more worthwile to respond to it.

2. When I take extra time to respond to you, it means I'm trying not to come of as an idiot since I'm trying to think about what to write down. This is something that you clearly don't do. Wich explains why you come of as a jackass all the time.

3. If you want to talk about double-talk, look at how you defended censorship wile at the same time saying that censorship isn't fun. Or how you claim that you're not an art thief wile stealing the art style form other artists. If you want to talk about ego, then look at how you constantly compare others to lesser known people on DA, trying to use lack of popularity as an insult in an attempt to feed your own ego. If you want to talk about "jumping to conclusions", look at how you think this comic was about you:…. Or how you thought this comic was claiming that women couldn't do anything in tech:…. And if you want to talk about "Imesurable ineptitude", try looking at how you are most of the time completley incapable of drawing anything that doesn't make eyes bleed even after years of practise, your constant avoidance of any Point that me or anybody else is trying to make by responding with petty insults if not outright running away from the conversation or your incapability to read half the things I write, always trying to put words in my mouth instead! Seriously, get a mirror.

4. Me not getting that Witsy-joke was one of the few faults that I can take the blame for. But once again, since the entire comic you linked was filled to the brim with inaccuracies, falsehoods and flaws, wile also being a crappy rip-off of another creator's formula, how was I supposed to know that this was once again not just your idiocy at display, especially considering how you seem incapable of backing up anything you say at the slightest sign of scrutiny from others?

5. At no moment did I say that I ever drew anything, wich again proves what I just wrote in "3". I simply said that I clearly put more effort in my writing than you do in your drawing. Learn the difference.

6. You did not ever try be nice or to get to know me or anybody who disagreed with you in Kukuryo's comment sections. I looked through a good bunch of them so I know what I'm talking about. All you did was ignore any point they were trying to make wile responding with your crappy comics, petty insults, lame jokes or simply running off completley whenever you ran out of bullcrap to spew. What little points you did try to make on your own were almost always squashed the moment someone else replied.

PS: Nice use of the block-button, you cowardly little trashbag!
kyrtuck Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't bring anyone into any argument.  That was all you man.

All I did was give an artist a llama badge, in addition to some favs.  I like exploring DA and finding out about different artists and expressing my appreciation to them.  Its what I do.  Its also what I did with Kukuryo and a comment that you went all apeshit over.  I was appreciating him drawing a female in a distinctly non-glamorous manner, something I've been pretty big about.  Heck, I even faved a few of the guy's works, so I don't understand what you had to be a knight in shining armor about.  Not like Kukuryo needs defending with his 2,000 Watchers and 500 page views a day.  If he ignored my lone voice, maybe it was a good sign that you should too.  And the conversation really wasn't really "between just us" if it was all over the comments section of another guy's work.

But hey, you got me blocked by an artist that I had no prior contact with, so good for you.

*plays steve Martin's Jubilation Day song*
Sorantheman Featured By Owner Edited Apr 15, 2015
You went to Sprite37 to insult me because you got assblasted by what I said to you, and you did this because you thought he was a friend of mine just because I commishioned him once. And you mocked the picture I had him draw for me wile trying to shame him for his fetish wile accusing me of having the same fetish. This is what you did instead of answering any of the points I made. This would be like me going to Kosperry's comment section and mockingly saying "I'm sorry that Kyrtuck is such an idiotic fan of yours!" just because you faved his stuff.
And you didn't "just" give him a llama badge. The way you worded your comment made the clear implication that Sprite37 was supposed to feel bad about having known me somehow, thus insulting him as well.
Though I will admitt that I missinterpreted one of the comments you made, it was pretty hard to not come to a negative conclusion considering all the other mocking and inculting crap you were leaving in  Kukuryo's comment sections. And if that responce I made is what you consider "Apeshit", then clearly you have not seen me when I go apeshit.
And I wasn't being "a knight in shining armor" for Kukuryo. I know fully well that he can talk to others by himself when needed. Out of my own will, I was calling you out for the idiocy that was comming out of your mouth, not expecting any sort of reward for doing so. And just because he didn't talk to you, why does that mean that I shouldn't?
And you do have one point. It wasn't just between the two of us since anybody could have seen it in the comment section. However, the difference between you and me in that situation was that I never went to other peoples pages and directly talked shit about you behind your back, since unlike you, I know a thing or two about not bothering other people who had nothing to do with the conversation unless they voiced a direct intrest about it themselves.

By the way, idiot. I didn't get you blocked by Sprite37. I never told him anything other than what was seen in that comment section of his profile. No Private messages, notes or anything. I never made the demand that he should block anyone, but voiced my understanding if he would ever take action against either of us. Hell, I made that comment knowing fully well that he could have blocked me aswell for potentialy starting a shitstorm in his profile.
He blocked you because you were a dick who not only insulted him for his fetish and his art, but also because he had even the slightest connection to me. Even when that connection was nothing more than "he drew a picture for me years ago". No more and no less.

By the way: it has been a damn week since you decided to tuck your tail between your legs and run during our conversation, having not spoken a single word to me since then and you're only just now comming out of the blue just to show me that you're still salty as fuck over it? Pathetic!
kyrtuck Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Gee, its kind of like you humping my posts that were nearly a month old, which is what started this.  Whups.

Additionally, taking a long time to respond to your opposition makes it look like he's not a priority, thus making you look stronger.  I don't know why I didn't think of it before!

Ahhhhhhhh, the same 'ol Sorantheman brand of double talk, egp, erratic conclusion jumping and insults to distract from his own imeasurable ineptitude in really just about everything.  I really should have just blocked you when you spouted off that little "her name's Vivian, not Wisty" gem of cluelessness.  Or when you lied about putting effort into your art, implying that you yourself ever drew anything.

But thats just what I get for being nice and trying to understand people, and hope that they can get better.  :disbelief:  I'd better go back to my usual misanthropy and nihilism then.  and not make the same mistake twice.
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